Monthly Meetings - Pine Castle Woman's Club
5901 S. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32809 

Workshop - 6100 S. Orange Ave                         Contacts
Unit 190 A                              
        Paul Hayes 407-761-0622
Orlando, FL 32809                
Gordon Oakley   407-592-4358

E-mail:  cfmgsociety@gmail.com


Volunteer for the Fall Show.
Sign up at the workshop or contact 

Paul Hayes.


Upcoming Shows:

CFMGS Fall Gem ShowShow
October 7, 8, 9, 2016

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Monthly Meeting:
Pine Castle Women's Club
5901 South Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL  32809
Every second Monday
Visitors are welcome!

Workshop:  Hours/Classes

Central Florida Mineral and Gem Society Inc.

 We have become a new 501(c)3 Corporation.

 CFMGS was formed in 1961. The Society has a growing membership and is dedicated to sharing knowledge, enjoyment of rocks, identification of minerals, gemstones, lapidary arts, wire wrapped jewelry and related crafts. CFMGS events include: organizing and hosting the Annual Spring, Summer and Fall Gem Shows with over 60 vendors; participating in the Annual Central Florida Fair; providing public awareness activities focused on lapidary arts, hand made jewelry, mineralogy and paleontology. 

Workshop Location:
6100 South Orange Ave., Unit 190A
Orlando, FL 32809
Central Florida Mineral and Gem Society, Inc.
Membership is open to the public. 
    Junior Membership for ages 12-17.
By-Laws of CFMGS        Standing Rules of CFMGS

Membership can be paid with PayPal