Metalsmith Class:  Sawing

You must provide your own metal

(copper or Sterling Silver)

Metalsmith Class:  

Filing, Soldering and Pickeling

Metalsmith Class:  

Polishing your completed work (before putting in cabochon)     

  1. Buy all size grits of sand paper. Using free paint stirring sticks from Ace or Lowe's wrap each sand paper around a stick and staple. At each 90 degree turn use a scribe to lightly perforate the paper so it will fold sharply. Leftover strips of sandpaper can be torn off and glued to a Popsicle sticks (available at Dollar tree) to make smaller sanding sticks.  After filing your work start with rough sand paper and sand. Use each size grit paper until you have gotten to the finest grit, then use stainless steel polish available at any hardware store.  Polishing kits are available at FDJ for about $35. It includes a variety of mandrels disk tips and tube shaped bits of several grit sizes as well as shammy tips for the mandrels.
  2. Use Q-tips, toothpicks with one end chewed to shreds, and wet cotton string, each coated with Pumice powder to polish hard to reach areas. Start with the roughest grit and then finer and finest. Then Stainless steel polish for copper or silver and red rouge for gold.
  3. Using the Flex Shaft with polishing bits, again start with roughest and work to finest, then switch to shammy bits and use ZAM for copper or sterling silver. Use red rouge for gold. You can also use Q-tips and toothpicks in the flex shaft with pumice.
  4. FINALLY! brush your finished piece with a soft toothbrush and dish soap.
  5. You can  use a tumbler with stainless steel shot to polish jewelry without stones.


Metalsmith Class: 

Pendant with Bezel & Bail

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Metalsmith Class:

Flexshaft for Polishing

Metalsmith Class: 

Using a Rolling Mill

Advanced Silversmith classes are available!