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At our Mineral an Gem Show in the Spring and Fall, Scouts in uniform get in free. We will be offering help on Geology merit badges. We will also have the sluice mining set up (not free)

Prerequisites for the geology merit badge workbook

and requirements for the completion of same

Prior to arrival for a geology workshop with a specialist in the field you must have sections one, two and three completely filled out and as much of section four you can fill out on her own.

The following will be covered during the demonstration of a geology hands-on workshop.

Print the Geology work sheet

  1. Identification of the three types of minerals
  2. demonstrate of the hardness of a material and how to test for it
  3. identification of fossils
  4. identification of semi precious gems
  5. demonstration of mining techniques
  6. option of panning for minerals fossils and semi precious gems
  7. free tour of the gem show

If all areas of the geology merit badge workbook sheet are filled out and completion of the above requirements are met, the mentor will sign off the worksheet for the geology requirement.

David B Brokaw BSA mentor